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A local winery explains how they manage wine production during the harvest season

The leaves begin to change color which calls for the start of the harvest season.

We spoke with Mazza Vineyards in the Northeast about how they manage to produce their wine.

The vice president of the winery said his employees work seven days in a row to produce the wine and he said it was worth it.

It is the sound of hearing it through the vineyard. Mazza Vineyards workers work around the clock to produce wine from different varieties of white and red grapes.

Vice President Mario Mazza said he owns nearly 500 acres where 20 different grapes are grown in Lake Erie and other parts of the state.

So far, his team has produced almost 750 tonnes. In other words, it’s 4.81 times the weight of a house.

He said the machines they use crush the grapes and then the grapes are fermented.

“So think riesling, carbon, merlot, chardoney, pinot grigio, these are all the varieties we work with, plus a few others,” Mazza said.

We are told that these wine grapes are not just for fun, but they are also good for your health.

“Wine generally contains a number of antioxidant components and other compounds that are beneficial for the heart and health,” Mazza said.

Meanwhile, there are Mazza workers who take care of the nutrients brought in by the grapes.

“I work in the laboratory. So I touched each different type of grape that comes in. I test it for sugar, PH, TA, so I have a hand in every wine we make here, ”said Grace Rosato, Lab Coordinator at Mazza Winery.

The Mazza team and other farmers who are producing wine will continue the work until the end of October.

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