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Wine production in the Netherlands up 82% in five years

Due to the increase in the number of winegrowers, more and more wine is produced on Dutch soil. Figures from the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK) have shown that wine production has increased by 82 percent over the past five years. In 2018, for example, it concerned 950,000 liters.

As a result, it is increasingly possible to opt for a Pino Noir or a Dutch Riesling in liquor stores and wine specialists. According to Dik Beker of the Association of Dutch Wine Producers (VNWP), the wine has a good international reputation. “But too little is produced to break through internationally.”

“In addition to green hands for a good culture, microbiological knowledge is important,” said Beker. “A process to go from grape to good wine requires care. A small mistake in the fermentation process makes the wine undrinkable.”

The increase in the number of winegrowers was the largest in Zuid-Holland since 2016. Due to the availability of land, the number of winegrowers subsequently increased by 12, an increase of 300 percent. According to the Chamber of Commerce, Gelderland has the most winegrowers with 46. Limburg follows with 28. Utrecht (three vineyards) and Groningen (two) have the fewest vines.

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